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Remote Energy Clearings 




'Remote' means that I work with you and your internal energy system wherever you are on Earth, from where I am, by attuning to you and your system as if you were right in front of me in person.

In an energy clearing I flush your internal energy system with Healing Universal Energy, Healing Earth Energy and your own Source Being Energy.

Our internal energy systems are composed of energy centers, energy channels and energy field layers.


'Energy' is what all Life is composed of and it is alive and holds living information. Our bodies have a living energy template, or blueprint, that creates the body and holds it alive and functioning in the present moment.

Our systems get congested with blockages and other impediments that build up through trauma, stress, dysfunctional relationships and toxins.

Our energy systems need to be cleansed just like our bodies need a shower.

The energy channels energize our entire system and need to be clear as do the energy centers, which are commonly known as chakras.

The 'aura' is our energy field and is composed of 7 layers of energy, each layer is connected to one of the main 7 living energy information vortexes, or chakras, that inform your entire system to function in balance.

These need to be unblocked and cleared so the system is open and flowing unimpeded.


This word speaks for itself.

Keep in mind that energy is information so we don't want other's energy running in our operating system.

Clearing your personal energy space includes flooding your system with Healing Source Energy,

moving out other's energies,

moving off any entities that are influencing you or interfering with your system, releasing of emotional energy,

undoing spiritual contracts or agreements that are no longer wanted or needed, removing etheric devices or implants that I find,

removing interference between you and the Source You.

When things are removed I fill this space with your true Soul energy.

When we discuss the clearing session you can let me know if there is anything specific you want assistance with.

I look forward to working with you.

For more info schedule a free consultation on the booking page.

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