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                         ~Active Meditation & Deeper Self Healing ~

                                                    Level 3

  In this class we will be practicing the same base system practiced in meditation 1 and 2 taking the use of these effective techniques to a deeper level of self healing.

Everything is energy. Emotion, feeling, beliefs, stored past experiences, stored pain, programming from society, thoughts, mental pictures and more.

  We will go into these levels, bring everything up to date into the present moment, then letting go of what no longer applies or whatever is no longer wanted.

Freeing ourselves of the burdens that we may or may not be aware we are carrying, discovering who we are without this out of date influence.

Prerequisites: Meditation & Self Healing Levels 1 & 2. 


3 week course.

1 hour+ per session.

Over Zoom.

All sessions fulfilled in the event a date and time needs to be changed.

I am flexible.

Active Meditation & Deeper Self Healing - Level 3.

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