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                          ~ Spherical Awareness Development ~                    

  In this live zoom class I will be guiding you into the ability to be aware through all of your senses, internal & external, as  one awareness.

Some call this 360 degree awareness - and it is that - and more. This technique is one of many gateways to conscious multidimensional awareness.    

Your visual, hearing and 6th sense are fields of awareness that are overlapping, unified by the direct  knowing field. 

 I  began developing this awareness during my many years of martial art training.

It was during my psychic training that my deeper intelligence revealed this more complete understanding.

    Advanced instruction available but not listed.


6 week course.

1 hour+ per session.

Over Zoom.

All sessions fulfilled in the event a date and time needs to be changed.

I am flexible.

Spherical Awareness Development.

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