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   ~Developing Precision Alignment & Balance Through Common Tasks~


 In this amazing class I will show you how to continually fine tune your awareness, precision balance and alignment while doing any and all common task

 Such as:

 Washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, folding clothes, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making the bed,  cooking, taking out the trash, filling your gas tank, mowing the lawn, washing windows, opening a door or the cupboards, going to the bathroom, answering the telephone, driving, picking something up, scratching your head, taking a shower and more.


This practice will expand your conscious awareness and you will hone your awareness becoming a master of movement and self awareness by continual practice, indefinitely....


6 week course.

1 hour+ per session.

Over Zoom.

All sessions fulfilled in the event a date and time needs to be changed.

I am flexible.

Developing Alignment & Balance Through Common Tasks.

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