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                      ~ Active Meditation & Self Healing~

                                         Level 1

          This class is a combination of meditation and live energy work training and practice. Learn to clear and heal

       your inner living energy system. 

          In this class you will be introduced to your internal operating system, discovering the basic techniques to 

        running your system on purpose and expanding your awareness into internal processes that are always in 

        operation on an unconscious level.

          It is important to understand the natural design of your internal, invisible processes and how to use them 

        on purpose and in alignment with how your system is designed to operate.

          Gain understanding and control of your life experience and your Nature itself.

          An amazing class that will change your understanding of yourself and your life permanently.


6 week course.

1 hour+ per session.

Over Zoom.

All sessions fulfilled in the event a date and time needs to be changed.

I am flexible.

Active Meditation & Self Healing Level 1.

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