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One gallon

Colloidal silver is 20 ppm (parts per million.)

Shipping included in price. 


 - This colloidal silver is made with a commercial grade 'constant current colloid generator'. 

 - 20+ PPM (Parts per million) 90% ions (single atoms), 10% colloids.

 -  Made with ultra pure distilled water and .9999 silver.

 - Made in a glass reservior.

 -  Silver destroys ALL known bacteria and viruses on contact- which leaves no time for a resistant strain to develop. It is also anti fungal.

 - Destroys ALL corona virus strains on contact. 

 - Made in a glass reservior. 

 - The most effective non toxic 'any surface' sanitizer known.

Use to spray on inside and outside of face masks. Otherwise masks do not work. 

  Sterilizes all surfaces and leaves a microscopic silver layer that keeps destroying any bacteria, virus or mold that touches it.

Offered to the lower 48 U.S. states

 For Alaska & Hawaii message me for different shipping rates.

I will text a pic of the tracking info when order goes out.


Colloidal Silver / 1 gallon, S+H included.

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