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Join date: Jun 15, 2021


Hello, me in sixty seconds... sensitive child born to sensitive parents, normal happy childhood, teenage troubles not knowing what to do or how to act, found alcohol, down the pub for 25 years, married, children, hedonism mixed with a growing private misrey, made some bad choices with bad consequesces, nice guy with a good heart but out of control and no sober confidence, internal rock bottom, got sober, started growing and changing, got on the programme, depression, highs, lows, spiritual path, mistakes, immaturity, slow but steady growth, intersting life experiences, depression, went to college age 42 having dropped out of school as a teenager, voluntary work along with day job building work, read Ekhat Tolle Power of Now, Course in Miracles, Alan Watts, Baghavad Ghita, Sadhguru, Tom Campbel MBT, voluntary stuff, 22 years later slightly less bonkers, more and more interesting life experiences, talk to the 'stars' every night for years now, doing my best, settling down a bit, still trying to learn grow and change, just experience a big loss but coping well, hungry for knowledge, confidence slowly growing over the years, interested in NDEs, ongoing hunger for knowledge and always trying to take it to the next level, great love for my wife, and children (now adults) ... happy to be on the platform ❤️🙂. BW


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