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                                                                       Client Testimonials 
“Reference Letter: I had the pleasure of encountering John through an inspiring podcast where his remarkable story immediately captivated me. Compelled by his narrative, I reached out and invited him to feature on my YouTube channel. Generously, John accepted my invitation and made the journey to Colorado to participate in the interview. Our collaboration extended beyond the interview, as I had the unique opportunity to experience John's energy work firsthand—a session I documented and shared on my YouTube channel, available for viewing here: The energy work session conducted by John was nothing short of transformative. He advised me to ensure I was in a peaceful and serene setting for the session, a suggestion I am profoundly grateful for. The experience was profoundly impactful; I noticed immediate, positive changes in my well-being. Remarkably, my senses were heightened—I could hear sounds from afar, see more clearly in low light, and found myself overwhelmed by technology. This newfound sensitivity felt like embracing a "light body," an experience that has left a lasting impression on me. Furthermore, John performed an energy cleansing while he was in town. The sensations during and after this session were incredible, unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am immensely thankful for the care and expertise John brought to these sessions. John's work has significantly impacted my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking profound and lasting energetic transformation. His ability to facilitate such extraordinary experiences speaks volumes of his skill and dedication to his craft. Best, Kimberly A., CEO Avance Learning

“Hi John, I wanted to provide you with this testimony/review that you are obviously free to post wherever it helps you! "I have done multiple healing sessions with John since 2023. He is a magic man. Whenever I work with him, I can feel a mystical sensation that runs deep into my soul. He was able to tell me things about myself and even my immediate surroundings that he had no way of knowing without me telling him. He is a source of great wisdom and healing. I would recommend John to anyone who is experiencing difficulty or trauma and wants to become more spiritually enlightened and healed." ---Justin B. Justin, Owner/Broker”

“I first came across John”s NDE video on YouTube about 5 years ago and I found his experience fascinating. I searched him up online and found his website and other videos, he sounded like a man with a lot of knowledge and expertise in the field of energy work and healing. I booked a session with him to learn about how the energy works, I found him very wise and aware of the energy field, he’s a genuine person who knows how everything is connected and can help his clients to understand what they have been blocked in their energy system and how it can be released. I can’t point it out exactly but he has awakened the universal intelligence in himself and maybe because of that he has deep connection to the field. He has passion for what he does and cares about his clients wellbeing. I have had a few sessions with him so far which I sat quietly and just felt the energy going through my body, some tinkling sensation in my head and body. I feel relaxed and open hearted after the session. I recommend to contact with him if you want to boost your energy or learn more about your energy body or simply craving a deep spiritual conversation.
Best, Elmira Z.”

“Reference Letter: I’m one of the skeptical types when it comes to things like energy healing. But I felt stuck in life and my usual self-help tools weren’t working. I try to keep an open mind about things I haven’t tried. So, when I heard John’s near-death experience testimony and the healing work he developed thereafter I figured I’d give it a shot. John has an affable nature that is jovial and unpretentious so I felt comfortable reaching out to him. He didn’t proclaim to be any more enlightened than I was, and he met me as an equal and a peer. Through one session with John, he was able to tell me a few simple phrases about what came through to him. These insights resonated deeply with what I was struggling with. This involved the realization that I was squelching my power. In the months to come I had a renewed awareness to recognize all the places in my life where I was squelching my natural talents and abilities. As I opened up to them, my life opened up for me too. In all sorts of ways. I’ve subsequently spoken with John, and beyond energy healing, he’s a gifted counselor. He is a gentle and compassionate listener and a true advocate for those he is working with. John’s non-judgemental guidance always points me back to my own inner power that I had inside all along. I’m so grateful for John’s healing work and now his friendship too. He continues to help me get unstuck from the self-sabotaging paralysis that shrinks me away from my power. I’m no longer skeptical! Alec, Podcast Producer, Parasaur Studios. 

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