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        Services  Offered

Touching the Surface

      This is a three part session:

                 First step:
We will discuss what will transpire during the energy healing session and what specifically you want work with around specific challenges or concerns if your life.

              Second step:
The remote energy healing and clearing session.
This includes flushing the system with Healing Universal energy, Earth energy and your personal Source Self energy. Your system includes Energy channels, Energy centers and Auric field layers. 
Additionally this session may include removing interference energies, entities, energetic devices and anything that isn't You or your internal operating system.

This part of the session lasts from 1/2 hour to 1 hour with 40 - 45 minutes being the average time holding this process in focus.

                Step Three:  
This is the follow up phone call where we discuss what you experienced during the session, what I discovered and facilitated.  Then we can discuss what you can do for yourself to maintain the clarity of your system going forward.

Loving Couple

(This energy work session(s) is in person,  remote, or both.)

This session's purpose is to harmonize the energies inside of and between two Beings.

You and your pet, you and your child, you and a family member, you and your partner, you and your Source.

The session is a normal clearing session for those involved and an energetic / spiritual attunement between the two being worked on.

This is a remote energy work session.


In Person Energy Healing & Clearing Session.

( Note: This session is offered only in Port Townsend, Washington in a private office space. The location of this space will be communicated upon booking the session through email or text.

This session can be done remotely. If you wish a remote session Please refer to 'Remote Energy System Clearing/Healing' to book and put on the calendar. Thanks so much.)

This session is done seated in a comfortable chair.

The 'energy system healing and clearing' session includes:

- Flushing your energetic system with Healing Universal energy, Earth energy and your personal Source Self energy.

(Your system includes the 8 main Energy Channels, The 11 main in body Energy Centers and the 7 Auric Field Layers.)
Additionally this session may include removing :
- Interference energies, 
- Non physical entities, 
- Energetic (etheric) devices,
- Any energy that isn't You or your internal energetic operating system,
- Past relationship energies.
- Outdated or unwanted spiritual contracts and / or agreements.

There is more to this session and the more is variable due to the uniqueness of each individual and their current personal process.

(This session is also available remotely, aka, long distance energy work.),

Also offered in person are any of the bookings offered online. 

I look forward to working with you on this amazing level.


Wooden Huts

(This energy work session(s) is in person,  remote, or both.)

This service is available to anyone anywhere on Earth.

Energy work description:

Clearing out old energies associated with the land, home, building or vehicle.

Entities, ghosts, former occupants and event imprints removed and refreshing the overall energy of the land, home, building or vehicle. 

Phone chat or email discussion before and after session.

White Cat

(This energy work session(s) is in person,  remote, or both.)

Remote whole energy system clearing, attunement and harmonization of animal friend.

This session includes balancing the emotional body removing trauma and imbedded triggers. 
Before and after phone chat about session and findings.

Image by

(This energy work session(s) is in person,  remote, or both.)

Discussion and personal instruction where applicable.

This is non religious counseling / coaching.

Session is either on a Zoom or Phone call. 

I use the word intuitive instead of clairvoyant, (which means 'clear seeing' in French),  because it is a more accurate term pointing to the natural internal intuitive function that we all possess and utilize throughout our daily lives.

Young student watching lesson online and studying from home. Young woman taking notes whil

(This energy work session(s) is in person,  remote, or both.)

This service is available to anyone anywhere on Earth.
I will walk you through fine tuning the techniques in the two free on line courses or walk you through techniques tailored for your specific wants and needs for self development and / or self healing.
Live instruction and informative discussion.


(For 'Classes & Instruction' page go to menu bar and click that button. There are 19 different classes to choose from.)


(This energy work session(s) is in person,  remote, or both. In person offered in Port Townsend, Washington or at your location within Jefferson county, Washington state.)

There are many factors that damage the DNA in our bodies.

Chemicals, radiation and most recently the mRNA factor in all of the C-19 vaccinations.

This mRNA is the same one used in creating GMO plants and seeds.

It chops up the DNA in a specific formation that is mapped and patented for 'legal' corporate ownership. 

Continued........... >


When the human genome is altered the life signature of the human is altered.

DNA is the Life Code of each lifeform.

For you to be what you are in this life as a human being the code must be the original code. 

The physical body formation springs from the living energy/etheric blueprint.

To reset/restore your DNA blueprint is possible.

I can work with you on this level and teach you to do it for yourself.

If you feel the call let's work together to repair the damage from the experimental mRNA injection or any other factors that have damaged your DNA template.

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