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                                                            Local in person training.      

            Available in Jefferson county, Washington State and vacinity only.

                                    ( Message me for an initial consultation. )

You do not need to be in good physical condition to reap the benefits of this special personal development class

Age requirement: 18 and older. Variations of this training available for under 18 years of age - accompanied by a parent or gaurdian.


This is a creative class that addresses :


-  In depth balance and alignment practice.

-  Mind and emotion control.

-  Awareness sensitivity training.

-  Turning thought off instantly - true thought control.

-  Erasing fear and stress from your life.

(This course prepares you to learn self defense or enhances your current martial arts training.

Actual self defense training begins in level two if needed after level 1. )                             


(Advanced instruction available after the first course completion.)

Open & flexible to fit your schedule.

<Schedule and training site arranged between us and is flexible.>


Private IN PERSON instruction.

43 years experience.

1.5 hour sessions.

1 to 2x's per week.

10 session course.

Total: 555.00 USD

Payments Available.

Do not book without interview with Instructor.

Thanks and Take Care.

Private Self Defense Course, Level 1

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